[ DubDerGutenHoffnung / Zwischenraum // GER ]

Seriaz (aka MindSteppa) took his first Step´s as a Dj from classic U.K DubStep in 2010, and soon followed the Trail back to its Rootz and Dub Influences. While exploring the Dub and Soundsystem Culture he developed a strong love for modern, futuristic Rootz Music and RaggaJungle in particular.
As he bought his first Records, and released Mixtapes he soon earned some Attention and connected with the Selekta and true Rootz Music Lover „RAS LION“ and played several back 2 back Shows in the underground bassmusic Scene of Berlin.

As the Movement in town got bigger and hit the Clubs, Seriaz became a resident Dj at the monthly SoundSystem Show „DubDerGutenHoffnung“ at Subland Club Berlin. Presenting a modern and emotive Selektion of DUBSTEP , DUB N JUNGLE in all itz Variety and got to play in Clubs and Festivals all over Germany and shared Stages with Artist´s like MUNGOS HIFI, RADIKAL GURU, BROTHER CULTURE, KRAK IN DUB, ARIES, KILLAWATT, SYSTEM, SLEEPER, PANDA DUB, MOONCAT, JAH YU, VIBRATION LAB, RIDDIM TUFFA SOUND, CIAN FINN and supported the U.S Dubstep Legend ROOMMATE/ BABYLON SYSTEM on his Germany/Austria Tour in 2012.