Berlin Edition

[ Dub // Steppaz // Rootzstep // Dubstep // Reggae // Jungle ]

DubDerGutenHoffnung is fully pon di top… presenting Berlin´s most unique Dub, Dubstep, Steppas and Jungle nights!

Every now and then we gather the crew somewhere in Berlin and invite construktas and selektas from all around the globe to celebrate Dub in all its variety and all its glory…

To fully enjoy Berlin in summertime, to share our spirit and spread the vibez, we are proud to own a still small but descent DubSoundsystem. Always ready to be set up and turn up di bass.

DubDerGutenHoffnung – (in english: DubOfGoodHope) born in the summer of 2011 – is a series of events that promotes bass music – Dubstep, Rootzstep, Steppaz, Dub, Jungle. By now it has advanced to be a unique night for insiders within the Berlin bass massive. A very special line up, chosen with great care, of international artists, an entrance fee that is more than fair and good sound quality are the foundation and together with the music itself it has always provided a very special vibe. At a DubDerGutenHoffnung night conscious music and heavy skanking are guaranteed – positive vibez all around! In contrast to the rest of the mostly divided bass music scene (one the one hand Reggae / Dancehall headz and the Roots / Dub massive, on the other hand heavily electronic music influenced, deep or brostep-like dubstep events) people have noticed here that a vast variety of music among those lines can be fused and still contain a strong „message“.

===== [THE CREW] =====
Ras Lion
Darkwing Dub
Jimi Handtrix
Mr. Narci
Seriaz (retired)

The crew around DubDerGutenHoffnung was originally formed by the DJs/Producers/Promoters Ras Lion (GER), Mio Mindsteppa aka Seriaz (GER), Jimi Handtrix (USA/GER) and Darkwing Dub (AT) and has gained growth and versatility ever-since. New members on board include DJs Mr. Narci (GER), O-Ton (GER) and Freytakt (GER) as well as the multilingual MCs/Singers Kali Green (LS/GER) and konTa (GER). Out of pure love for music, the major goal is to always bring the best for the people and so they have worked with some of the top ranking artists. Our crew members have since played shows all over the globe from Berlin to London to Mexico City to San Francisco to Graz and beyond. A very special moment being Spring 2012 during which they organized a tour through Germany and Austria and together with ROOMMATE (Argon | Full Melt | Hollow Point | USA) dubbed out cities like Munich, Dresden, Salzburg and Graz. Festival appearances included Fusion Festival, Serendubity Festival, One Love Festival, Styrian Art Festival and Zwischenraum Festival.

===== [Artists we worked with in the past] =====

Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Gorgon Sound, Ishan Sound, Soom T, Roommate aka Babylon System, Radikal Guru, Vibration Lab, Riddim Tuffa, Panda Dub, Brother Culture, Daddy Freddy, Digitaldubs, Violinbwoy, Adam Prescott, JahYu, Dubbing Sun, 2Times, Killawatt, Sleeper, G31, Dubsy, Krak In Dub, Aries, Lion Fire, Nicky Nutz, SFR, Tricky D, Max Powa, Dubapes, Joney, Shu, Philbarbee, 3 Basskateers…

===== [RELEASES] =====

LIONS #001
Panda Dub feat. Daddy Freddy, Brother Culture & Kali Green – Lent Roots Pour Chant EP (Release Date Oct 7th 2013) (vinyl & digikal)

LIONS #002
Blue Hill feat. Lutan Fyah, Kali Green & konTa – Out On The Streets EP (Release Date May 12th 2014) (vinyl & digikal)

Dub All Sense feat. Mr. Williamz, MrDill Lion Warriah & Longfingah – Rudebwoy Corporation EP (OUT SOON!) (vinyl & digikal in cooperation with 4WEED, Italy)

Roommate, Ras Lion & Darkwing Dub – Dub Der Guten Hoffnung EP (Release Date July 18th 2012) (digikal)

Roommate – Inna Di Lion’s Den (Release Date June 17th 2014) (digikal)

Various Artists – Ripe Vol. 1 (Release Date July 15th 2014) (digikal)

Various Artists – Don’t Tread On Dub (Release Date February 16th 2015) (digikal)

Roommate & Illoom feat. Miss Omega & Kali Green – Moving On EP (Release Date October 29th 2012) (digikal)

Roommate & Ras Lion feat. Sizzla & Kali Green – Only Jah Knows / Movement (Release Date March 24th 2015) (digikal)

Aldubb feat. Cornell Campbell & Kali Green – Queen Of The Minstrells / Tell Me What To Do (Release Date February 2014) (vinyl & digikal)