times are passing and it has been quite some while since the last DubDerGutenHoffnung session in Berlin town – the crew being scattered and active in many related projects all around the world… but the wait is over… a big celebration, ‚making up for‘ the times ‚absent‘ and the ‚missed‘ 3rd anniversary, a go come ;-)… it’s time for a massive roll call… time to invite all people to a return of DubDerGutenHoffnung to Yaam to spread some positive vibez and celebrate all varieties of Dub in all their glory…
with some very special guests from near and far… pure dubplate pressure…
so better run come rally round for this session in unity…

!! on two floors !!

– Stryda & Digistep (on the saxophone) first time in Berlin –
[Dubkasm Rec. / Sufferah’s Choice Rec. // Bristol, UK]

– on the microphone –
[Ayamba // London, UK]

– with live Violin –
[Moonshine Rec. // Wroclaw, PL]


/// LION’S DEN ///
– Ras Lion ls. Kali Green & konTa –
[Lion’s Den / DubDerGutenHoffnung // Berlin]

– aka Darkwing Dub & Jahcobe –
[B(re)akery / DubDerGutenHoffnung // Graz, AT]

/// O-Ton ///
(aka FauN)
[DubDerGutenHoffnung / Exodus Project // Berlin]

/// FREYTAKT ///
[DubDerGutenHoffnung // Berlin]

/// MR. NARCI ///
[DubDerGutenHoffnung // Berlin]


– Stryda & Digistep inna combination –
[Dubkasm Rec. / Sufferah’s Choice Rec. // Bristol, UK]

Dubkasm is one of the key components in the international roots and dub movement, originally formed in 1994 during the emergence period of the UK ‘digital dub’ sound. Their work first appeared two years later on the complilation album ‘Dub Out West’ (Nubian Records NRLP15). Branching into new musical realms, their 2009 Transform I set went on to be reinvented by Bristol’s finest Dubstep producers, featuring remixes by Pinch, Peverelist, Appleblim & Gatekeeper, Headhunter, Guido, Gemmy, RSD, Hyetal, Forsaken and Jakes. They continue to release material and play live across the globe.

Sufferah’s Choice Recordings is an independent record label based in the iconic town of Bristol, UK. Named after DJ Stryda’s renowned Bristol radio show, it has been a vehicle for Dubkasm’s music since 2003 and is known for its authentic yet innovative sounds and philosophy.

Dubkasm’s first release on Sufferah’s Choice in 2003 was a 12 inch featuring ‘Hornsman Trod’ and ‘Strictly Ital’, two UK roots instrumentals with the latter featuring Bristol’s own Ras Addis. Since then they have collaborated with many of the UK’s greats including cult legends such as Aba Shanti-I, Iration Steppas, Levi Roots and Dub Judah. Their debut album ‘Transform I’ saw the duo incorporate Brazilian instrumentation and vocals, the result of many years work carried out between the musical hubs of their hometown Bristol and Brazil, where Digistep lived for five years.
Since those days the duo has worked with many great producers and labels all around the globe and their strong impact with the release of ‚Victory‘ in the year 2014 has probably nowhere been unnoticed.

[Ayamba // London, UK]

Hailing from Nigeria, award winning artist Afrikan Simba is one of the leading MC’s in London, having worked with top sound systems such as Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti and Channel One. He has also recorded with the likes of Jah Warrior, Zion Train, Dub Judah & and runs his own ‘Ayamba’ record label, based in Jamaica. Whenever he takes up the mic, whether live or in the studio, a flow of conscious, spiritual and uplifting lyrics are guaranteed.

[Moonshine Rec. // Wroclaw, PL]

Violinbwoy is a musician and producer based in Wroclaw, Poland who loves to create sounds of roots & culture. Once his music was recognised, he was requested to deliver his heavy dubplates to sound systems and radio stations from the UK, Germany, France, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Philippines and the United States including the mighty Jah Shaka, Blackboard Jungle & many more.
For the next months many releases one various acclaimed Dub / Rootzstep-labels are already confirmed. So watch out!

more info soon come =)

/// INFO ///

location: YAAM / An der Schillingbrücke / 10243 Berlin
near Ostbahnhof
10€ admission
(we of course also encourage even stronger support for our works to give us the necessary backing to step up our contribution to the cultural landscape. any donations above this minimum cost highly appreciloved.)
-> * support yur local activists *

gates open at 23:01

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