Escape the City – Family Reunion 2020

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Dear people!
Sub Movements association returns to Barbariga near the Istrian city Vodnjan for the third edition of Escape the City festival. Last year we challenged ourselves doing for the first time a 4 day festival.
That was a pretty much crazy experience as we were faced with the craziest storms of all summer but it didn’t ruin the great vibe of togetherness, unity and family created in Barbariga!

The biggest news this year is the crowdfunding campaign that will start from the 1st of March.
We invite all the people that feel like part of ETC family to help us realizing the best sound system festival in the region.
As many of you may know, the big and long lasting festivals such as Seasplash and Outlook left the istrian peninsula, now it’s our mission to keep the vibe around reggae, dub and sound system culture alive.
Apart from the sound system culture, our aim is to gather a large number of families that can enjoy and try new experiences and have a great time (re)connected with nature, far from the city life!

This year we are coming back stronger and smarter than last year!
Reserve your holidays for 24.07 to 26.07.2020 for 3 days of sun, beach, loads of workshops and sound system culture!

Escape the City is conceived as a program where a combination of traditional, local, recreational, art, entertainment and music elements will be presented with the aim of creating a diverse platform that has its foundations on a strong ecological premise and socially responsive attitudes.

One of the main goals of this event is the networking of associations, organizations and individuals who would jointly develop a strong community based on solidarity, mutuality, and friendship.

The festival is 100% ecologically conceived. We are trying to reduce the waste knowing that it’s not easy, that’s why we ask all of you for help and collaboration in achieving this and marking Escape the City as a “low-waste festival”.

All the details about our campaign, about the program and all the activities is gonna be available on our social media pages, so follow us on Escape the City festival or @escapethecityfestival Instagram and send us your email address if you want to receive our newsletter (once/twice a month, we’re not spammers).

In the meantime, till the festival comes, we won’t leave you all without some serious sound system pressure, we’re planning many sessions and promo parties with our friends around Europe.

Love from Escape the City family