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Truth and Vibes presents:

Support for Gradinata – autonomous community space.

To support those who help and support so many, we want to give a little helping hand to our friends from Woodland Records to realize their local autonomous community space in Bulgaria. Woodland is a political soundsystem dub record label based in Bulgaria – dub for social change. To carry out the project they are purchasing a building in the heart of their village Stefan Stambolovo.

Gradinata’s ethos is based on mutual aid and solidarity, serving both the local community while reaching out to work cooperatively with the wider world.

GrGradinata will be an independently owned, non-profit space built to preserve the past, honor the present, and protect the future. For this, a beautiful building will be brought back from wreck and ruin and to return it to its former glory to create an autonomous community space that is accessible for all.

Darkwing Dub
Joyful Lion & Mika’el

powered by Dub der guten Hoffnung Soundsystem (2 Scoops Setup)

No Racism! No Sexism! No Homophobia!

Sa 19.11.2022 | Start: 22:00
Location: Sub (
Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai 66
8010 Graz

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