It all began in Berlin in the year 2011, the crew around Dub der guten Hoffnung was originally formed by Ras Lion, Darkwing Dub, Mio Mindsteppa and Jimi Handtrix and has gained growth and versatility ever-since. Soon new members joined the crew including JahCobe, Mista Narci, FauN / Old Boy and Freytakt as well as the multilingual MCs/Singers Kali Green and konTa. Out of pure love for music, the major goal is to always bring the best for the people and so they have worked with some of the top ranking artists. Our crew members have since played shows all over the globe from Berlin to London to Mexico City to San Francisco to Graz and beyond. A very special moment being Spring 2012 during which they organized a tour through Germany and Austria together with ROOMMATE (USA) and dubbed out cities like Munich, Dresden, Salzburg and Graz. Festival appearances included Fusion Festival, Serendubity Festival, One Love Festival, Styrian Art Festival and Zwischenraum Festival.

Meanwhile many new projects became the focus of the former Berlin Crew,
Ras Lion runs the „Lion’s Den“ one of Germanys most respected labels & sound system. Jimi Handtrix is hosting one of Berlins biggest Bass Music festivals „A Bass Odysee“ and also runs the label „Higher Ground Recordings“. Old Boy / FauN & Freytakt founded their imprint „Passive Studio Rec.“ where they release a lot of their very own productions.

Still the legacy lives on as Jahcobe & Darkwing Dub brought the name to Austria and teamed up with further breddrins and sistrens to continue the event series and build a sound system. Furthermore Don Oscar aka Answah, King Kri, Rapoostra, Irie Anto and Jan aka Sálvan Soundsystem are part of the musical family.

Mista Narci took the old sound system from Berlin to his hometown Erlangen where he puts up sessions together with Jungle Bro.