As we leave the cold winter months behind us in search of a warm bassline, we find ourselves once again navigating through the mist towards the dub of good hope. Accompanied this time by a true pioneer of the US dubstep scene, our path leads us into unknown territory, spreading the positive vibe throughout the lands. Teaming up with Roommate of the legendary Babylon System, Dub der guten Hoffnung sets off on a one month tour through Europe, armed with an arsenal of freshly cut dubplates and new material, ready to initiate the weapons of bass creation.

First stop: Subland!

::::::::::::::::::::::: HIGH RISING :::::::::::::::::::::::

Roommate (Argon / Avocaudio / King Dubbist / Hollow Point / Full Melt // USA)

Tricky D (Tricky Tunes // Berlin)

Ib..noze (Breakery // AT)


Darkwing Dub (Breakery // AT)

:::::::::::::::::::::::: DEEP FALLING :::::::::::::::::::::::

Jimi Handtrix (Urban Bass // Berlin)

Ras Lion (Lion’s Den / Zwischenraum // Berlin)

Mio MindStep (Lion’s Den / Zwischenraum // Berlin)

Freytakt (Erlangen)

wicked visuals by:
Francesca aka Krystollsowlz (Dub Der Guten Hoffnung / Zwischenraum)

:::::::::::::::::::: ABOUT THE ARTISTS ::::::::::::::::::::

ROOMMATE (Argon / Avocaudio / King Dubbist / Hollow Point / Full Melt // USA)

In the past decade, Justin McCauley aka ROOMMATE’s musical journey has been nothing short of monumental. As one half of the Californian dubstep outfit ‘Babylon System’, he contributed many of the early U.S. dubstep releases, playing a key role in the ongoing development of the stateside dubstep scene. His quality productions were quick to gain recognition on an international scale, receiving air time by the likes of N-Type, Emalkay and Skream. Before long his tunes were being snatched up by some of the scenes most respected labels, including Argon and Full Melt, as well as his own Hollow Point Recordings. Combining cutting edge sound engineering with an undying passion for the vintage reggae vibe, Roommate has succeeded in creating a trademark sound, appealing to the bass hungry masses as well as the die hard reggae fans. His level of production can only be matched by his passionate and energetic stage presence, demonstrated in any one of his legendary live performances. Whoever said dubstep isn’t DUBstep, obviously hasn’t heard of Roommate!

TRICKY D (Tricky Tunes // Berlin)

A true warrior from the concrete jungle, Tricky D has been providing basslines since the early days. His record shop Tricky Tunes, situated in the heart of Berlin-Friedrichshain, has played an immense role in keeping the sounds of the underground alive and kicking, serving as the go-to guy for everything ranging from dub to raggajungle and beyond! With numerous productions on his own Tricky Tunes imprint, featuring original lyrics by the likes of Daddy Freddy, Soultrain, Bongo Chili & Brother Culture, Tricky remains one of the leading figures in Berlins jungle / dubstep scenes.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: INFO :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

location: Subland / Wiesenweg 5 / Friedrichshain / Berlin
admission 5€
gates open at 23:00

for more info visit: