The rootzstep-journey continues… We are proud to welcome the duo Vibration Lab straight outta di UK – delivering some heavy rootz anthems inna future style…
This time also with united forces by another skanking duo: Kraut Brovaz outta Austria…

Always forward, never backward…

:::::::::::::::::::::: UPLIFTMENT MUSIC ::::::::::::::::::::::::

VIBRATION LAB [Vibration Lab / Reggae Roast / Mindstep / Powa Cuts // UK]

Kraut Brovaz aka JahCobe & Darkwing Dub (Breakery // Graz, AT)

MindSteppa [DubDerGutenHoffnung / Lion’s Den // Berlin]

Mr. Narci (aka Red Sun Zenith) [DubDerGutenHoffnung / Lion’s Den / Zwischenraum // Berlin]

FauN [DubDerGutenHoffnung / Zwischenraum // Berlin]

Freytakt [DubDerGutenHoffnung / Erlangen // Berlin]

more soon to follow…!

:::::::::::::::::::: ABOUT THE ARTISTS ::::::::::::::::::::

VIBRATION LAB [Vibration Lab / Reggae Roast / Mindstep / Powa Cuts // UK]

„The home of Future Reggae Dub. Our purpose is to make ‘Future Reggae’ music and spread a positive message to the Universe.“

Vibration Lab is a collective of ‘Old School’ Reggae, Dub and Dancehall veterans who have been in the game for decades with years of production and DJ experience. Vibration Lab are said to be veterans within their sound – Future Reggae Dub. They see ‘Dubstep’ as the next natural progression for ‘Reggae Dub’ and always pay tribute to the masters like; Scientist, King Tubby, Lee Perry and King Jammy, who were far ahead of their time and whose music sounds as cutting edge today as it did in the 70’s. They want to educate a whole new generation and to connect with those who already know. With the launch of an own record label (Vibration Lab) and collaborations with many different singers and musicians (eg. Linval Thompson, Maikal X, Ziggi Recado, Max Powa, Radikal Guru, Adam Prescott, RSD, Riddim Tuffa and many more) they heavily move forward. Keeping it organic and real, sharing the good feeling that Dub music always provides and take it to the next level!

Where the future and the past collide, Vibration Lab deliver a sound that merges the warmth of analogue and the innovations of digital. Integrating ‘vintage’ samples and tasteful Dubstep elements with basslines from a new level of sonic beauty, the ‘classic’, yet ‘ground-breaking’ term of Future Reggae Dub is fully fulfilled.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: INFO :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

location: Subland / Wiesenweg 5 / Friedrichshain / Berlin

gates open at 24:00

for more info visit: