Dub der Guten Hoffnung Graz #44 – Ras Kush

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finest in conscious roots // dub // reggae // steppas
DDGH presents:
Sista Kaya
(sound ficition, black redemption // DE)


The unmistakable sound of Brooklyn is returning, we‘re excited to welcome back the legendary Ras Kush, the ambassador of UK dub style in the USA and the architect behind the Black Redemption record label.
With an unrivaled passion for music and a wealth of knowledge, Kush has left an indelible mark on the Roots and Culture scene, captivating audiences with his performances spanning America, Canada, Europe, and Japan.
Ras Kush‘s unwavering connection to music has paved the way for remarkable achievements. His own label, Black Redemption, has consistently delivered acclaimed productions, featuring many of the most respected artists within the Reggae and Dub scene.

The last years, he has been collaborating with our good friends from Lion‘s Den on various releases. This has been a fruitful partnership, producing tracks that resonate with audiences worldwide. Also our bredda Darkwing Dub had the honor to create various artworks for releases on the Black Redemption label.

Kush will be accompanied by the german singer, producer and studio owner Sista Kaya who already went on tour with Dandelion Sound System and has released on Kushs Black Redemption label, as well as Debtera Records, Jah Vibes.

Come and experience as Ras Kush & Sista Kaya bring the original Roots and Culture teachings to Graz.
No Racism!
No Sexisim!
No Homophobia!
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▸ 30.06.2023 // 22:00
▸ Forum Stadtpark // Graz –> follow the bass
▸ Eintritt // Admission: 10-20€ pay what you can afford