Dub der Guten Hoffnung Graz #46 – Bukkha & Galas

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DDGH presents:
Truth and Vibes record release session of Repatriation E.P.
▸ Bukkha (moonshine, dub stuy, partial … // usa)
▸ Galas (amoul bayi, kapra, earth resistance … // it)
▸ powerd by Dub der guten Hoffnung Sound System
Step into the enchanting world of our latest Truth and Vibes release with an exclusive sound system session featuring the dynamic duo of Bukkha & Galas. Bukkha, a distinguished producer with roots tracing back to the US, has etched his mark with numerous releases on prominent Dub & Reggae labels. Having had the pleasure of hosting Bukkha a few times before, our connections have flourished, paving the way for ongoing collaborations and exciting plans for future music releases. Galas, the soulful singer hailing from Italy, brings a unique flavor to the mix. Known for his collaborations with the African label Amoul Bayi and other remarkable works, Galas adds a distinctive dimension to the sonic experience. This exclusive session, powered by Dub der guten Hoffnung sound system, guarantees an evening filled with uplifiting vibes and heavy bass. The synergy between Bukkha and Galas, coupled with the heavy vibrations of Dub der guten Hoffnung, promises an immersive journey through the realms of Dub and Reggae. As we celebrate this musical convergence, it‘s worth noting that this session is a harmonious extension of our latest Truth and Vibes release – the Repatriation E.P. Save the date for this unique musical event at Forum Stadtpark and don`t forget to put on your dancing shoes.
No Racism!
No Sexisim!
No Homophobia!
▸ 23.02.2024 // 22:00
▸ Forum Stadtpark // Graz
▸ Eintritt // Admission: 10-20€ pay what you can afford